Issues, Crisis and Reputation Management

When the stakes are high, you want us in your corner.

For almost 20 years, GT Communications has been trusted to deftly steer our clients through the most challenging and unpredictable of circumstances. Haven’t heard about the latest fire we put out? That’s really the point.

With a 24/7, real-time news cycle, the onus is more than ever on organisations to be prepared, proactive and responsive in times of crisis. We understand the high-stakes nature of crisis communications and the need to be agile and prepared when it comes to protecting your reputation and brand.

Our team acts as a calm voice in a time of chaos, helping you take control of any situation and protect what matters most. From small, privately-owned and family businesses to multinational companies in the global spotlight, we have a proven track record for providing fearless and authentic crisis communications and media management strategies that deliver results.

To find out more about this specialist practice, contact us directly. We’d love to tell you more.

Environment, Social and Governance

Having an active, authentic dialogue with stakeholders is crucial to the success of any organisation, large or small.

Engaged stakeholders can be a brand’s most powerful advocates or they can also be among your most vocal detractors. We are skilled practitioners providing up to the minute advice and deft management of stakeholders from grass roots to the highest levels of government.

Our work in the area of environment, social and governance is informed by hands-on research backed by meticulous execution. Simply put, we develop strategies that influence opinions, start conversations and build lasting relationships

From energy providers to property developers and government agencies, our team has been trusted to manage community sentiment across many high-profile and often contentious projects. We take an authentic approach to our work in this space and understand that listening is often just as important as speaking.

CEO and Board Support

Specialist advice for those involved in highly sensitive and commercially critical issues.

When an issue arises that threatens the ongoing viability of an organisation, ultimately, it’s the CEO and or board who are responsible for what happened, and for fixing it.  We understand the unique set of challenges faced by those at the top of organisations in the midst of a reputational crisis. We know how to guide them through the thick of it and help them rebuild on the other side.